FeelGood Park

The FeelGood Park is a sustainable restaurant/cafe in the nature on the outskirts of Eindhoven, in Park Meerland. A place to relax, to be inspired and enjoy a FeelGood atmosphere, nature, good and honest food and nice people. A place full of creativity, music, inspiration and meeting in holiday atmosphere.

Unfortunately the construction has not started yet. The ground for the FeelGood Park has now been prepared for construction but unfortunately we are held up by some neighbors who are afraid that their lives will be disrupted by our fine plans. These fears require time to be heard and judged in court. We therefore wait patiently and hope that you also have some patience!

We expect the verdict from the judge soon. In that case, the planning is that the construction starts at the beginning of 2019 and FeelGood Park will open in the summer of 2019.

The FeelGood Park will be a meeting place for everyone. With respect for nature, the environment and each other. An eatery built on the water as sustainably as possible, to enjoy nature and honest food. A nice place with inspiring activities to meet, relax and immerse yourself in things that make you feel warm, so you can enjoy life even more …

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