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Are you interested to book a stand at the FeelGood Market? Send us an email with a link to your website or some clear pictures and a description of the services and/or products you want to sell.

We select on creativity, sustainability (& social issues), inspiration, beauty, craftsmanship and originality.

The rent for a non-food stall of 3m×1m or an open place (without stand) of 3m×3m  is €67.50. A 4m stall is €85,- The cost for a stall for caterers is €115,- for a stall of 4×1 or an open place of 3×3 meters.

You can also share a stand with a colleague that we find suitable. We ask you to find that person and to present to us.

Caterers must work according to the rules of the Dutch Food Safety Authority. Participants with food can find the terms and conditions via the following link, although it is at this point only in Dutch: Guidelines-hygienic-preparation-for-the-feelgood-market

Would you like to offer a service (massage, yoga etc)? We ask you to come up with a fun and interactive presentation of what you are offering to let visitors experience (may also be a workshop such as a yoga lesson or dance workshop). We do not want ‘dry information stalls. So if you offer something like massage we ask you to massage visitors on the spot and give demonstrations of what you do.

Click here for our terms and conditions (in Dutch only) Algemene Voorwaarden.

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